1:20-1:35 pm CT (12:20-12:35 pm MT) Session by Virginia Hanson, South Dakota State Archives Hanson-200.jpg
To help give insight into this part of our family history, let's look at one of the most frustrating and fascinating documents a genealogist can find--a diary of an ancestor. We'll explore why a diary is different from a book, or letters, or even oral history. Diaries can help us learn about the lives of those who came before us. They can give insight as to why your ancestors lived where they did and how they lived the lives they lived.

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Brief List of Online Sources for Diaries, Examples and Suggested Reading

Do a yahoo or Google search such as "Diary or diaries" “South Dakota” “young boy”

The Library of Congress

Search for these, as examples: Diaries and Notebooks, 1901, Huffaker’s Diary, kept for Orville Wright

Diaries and notebooks of Wilbur Wright

Gutzon Borglum papers, 1895-1960

Military-related diaries: FirstWorldWar.com

Resources to Use: Making Sense of Letters and Diaries

A Small Diary of 1845: Anne Kinloch Meriwether

SD State Archives

Heritage Quest thru SD State Library

US Genweb sites

National Archives

History Matters